No-Code Project Manager for Non-Profits

Anurag Shukla
3 min readJan 3, 2022

I got a chance to work with a group of volunteers who were gathering resources and writing articles on Public Policy in India. The primary object of this product was to aid communication by removing the need of sharing links and tasks in the WhatsApp group. It was also supposed to help new volunteers get onboard easily…
I started out by asking certain questions which helped me understand the problem and requirements of the folks who were supposed to use it.







What is the app going to be?

An App that lets users see a project status, meeting schedules, Moments of the meeting, and Lets u see any tasks that are up for contribution and assignment

Do we know the primary use context for the app?

When any meetings happen certain tasks come out of it. These tasks either get completed or get carried forward as an agenda for a discussion in the next meeting.

What is the reason we are doing this project/product?

We need to make delegating tasks easier alongside of recording moments of the meeting.

What are the goals of the project?

  • Document Meetings
  • Compile a To-Do List for volunteers and Project Leads
  • Show Project Status in a feed

What has been decided about the app so far?

Project properties like

  • Name of Project
  • Date of Discussion
  • Key point
  • Type of task (Discussion Point or Actionable Item
  • Task Owner
  • Due Date

What was used for Project Management Earlier ?

  • Whatsapp Groups for Sharing Meeting Links
  • Google Slides were used to capture Moments of the meeting
  • Tasks were handled by individuals on their own systems


The Task Seeker

Name: Newbie
Experience: Beginner
Goals: To find out Projects to Contribute

The Co-Ordinator

Name: Project Head
Experience: Expert
Goals: To Plan Work and Co-ordinate Meetings

The Delegator

Name: Project Head
Experience: Expert
Goals: To Plan Work and Co-ordinate Meetings

Task Flow


Information Architecture





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